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Alternative Medicine Is No Last Resort

alternative medicineThis mind-set is extremely common, unfortunately, in most people. They finally decide to come to a homeopath when either all else has failed them or when they are just fed up with the costs of mainstream medicine. These people, many of them at least, are either expecting some miracle cure or a fast turn-around of signs and symptoms. Many times alternative therapies ARE indeed successful in “curing” someone in short order. Other times, the sheer depth and difficulty and time-line of the problem makes that impossible.

You see, much of the alternative methods of treatment are aimed at rebalancing the body to restore health. Chinese medicine uses herbs to balance blood, qi, body fluids and organ function. Acupuncture uses needles to open meridian lines and correct energy imbalances, whereas reflexology uses reflex points on the feet. Chiropractic uses manual adjustments to realign the spine to allow correct functioning of the nervous system. And homeopathy uses various remedies to rebalance the energies and allow healing to take place.

All of these methods take time to create the desired change. The methods themselves are not time consuming. Rather, it is the body that takes time to “allow” the method (herbs, needles, remedies etc) to take hold in the body and effect balance. When we attempt to create change in the body, the body sees this as an outside invasion and defends itself from that change. The body likes to stay where it is, because it requires little effort to do so. But after repeated treatments, or periods of time on remedies, the body finally realizes that it is actually easier to be in a state of homeostasis (balance) than in a state of imbalance, and it “lets go” of its old holding pattern.

Think of it like working out at the gym. If you are out of shape and lift weights, you will be sore. But little by little you will be less sore after the exercise and you will notice your muscles taking on a new shape. Well, internally this is what is happening with alternative medicine. Each day, each treatment, each bottle of remedies taken brings you one day closer to the body allowing them to take hold and the body stepping out of its own way to a cure. The worst part is, that people still look to alternative therapies as a last resort, and mainstream pharma drugs and surgery as a first choice. This is perverse. Using the big guns for the beginning of a problem (depending on severity) is ridiculous. You don’t blow up a house to kill kitchen ants!!

There is a time and place for everything in this world, and mainstream conventional medicine also has its place. Why not START with the unconventional? And see where it leads. If I cannot help you and you need an antibiotic or surgery etc, believe me, I have absolutely NO PROBLEM in referring you to the best GP or specialist I know!

As it stands, we alternative practitioners get the worst cases, and we get them after years and years of tests and toxic drugs and surgeries have completely depressed the immune system and truly damaged the body. And we are left to balance these bodies, in short time, at low costs, and with high hopes.

So, let's sort this out … together … the best way … the healthy way …


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