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About me

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was about 5 years old.

The human body has always fascinated me and I was very keen to learn how it functions in health and what goes wrong when we’re sick.

I started working in a small conventional pharmacy down the road from where we lived when I was 14 years old. I continued this throughout high school and into university, working at various larger conventional pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and health shops.

I decided very quickly that I did not want to be a conventional doctor (GP). I was fairly disappointed by the lack of treatment options available for even the most basic cold and flu treatments, never mind serious chronic ailments like arthritis! I started exploring other options and by working in health shops, I was exposed to various other forms of healing. I fell in love with homeopathy and decided to study that instead.

Fast forward about 8 years later, when I quit all the part-time jobs, and worked for Natura Laboratories as a rep for a year while I was finishing up my thesis and internships. This exposure was worth its weight in gold, as I was able to get an inside glimpse into what running my very own practice would be like!

Finally on the 8th of August 2008, I graduated as a Homeopathic Doctor.

I was in the very fortunate position to be able to buy an existing practice from a colleague of mine who emigrated to Australia in 2008. So in January 2009, I started practice in Queenswood, in Pretoria North.

In 2011, I moved my practice to Hennopspark in Centurion just for the convenience of working closer to home, as I live in Centurion. I am extremely lucky to have had most of my patient base follow me! Even now, I am extremely grateful that my patients drive so far to come see me.

In 2013, I moved my practice into a house in Zwartkop, and have been practicing from here ever since.

My practice has largely become a paediatric practice. It has been amazing to start with a pregnant mom and watch that little baby grow up. My initial little patients are now almost 6 years old!

That being said, I do not specialise only in paediatrics. I do see a wide variety of ailments, but seem to concentrate mostly on women’s issues and children. I treat with a clinical approach, which allows me to treat acute and chronic conditions equally effectively.

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